Picapp Plus

4 02 2008

I was given an access to Picapp today, the new service for bloggers, created by the company Picscout. For those who have a short memory, Picapp was first mentioned in this blog here. Interesting enough, I only saw images from Getty Images and none from Corbis ( although CEO, Gary Shenk, had announced it on Reuters TV). I played a little bit with it and it seems rather easy to use.

The search is painfully slow, but it is still in Beta. The content is a little bit dull, but then, I am not your average photo blogger. Finally, I am not sure how or when I get paid, if I do, since there is no payment information entry.

I few questions remain : Someone will have to find advertiser for this to work. I am assuming that Picapp will either take the load or outsource it to an ad agency. If that so, it makes the low revenue split into 4 parts ( Getty, Picapp,Blogger, photographer). Not much, at the end, for the photographer.

But then again, it seems, at first look, that all images presented from Getty are wholly owned, so maybe the photographers will never see any revenue.

A few questions remain:
Is there a market for ad generated revenue for images ? Not that I doubt people will certainly use this service but can it generate enough revenue to agencies and photographers ? Since there is no possible way to control what is being written on the blog with the image, it could very well be that I could be advertising for a product or service that I have criticized repeatedly on my blog ?

Will users be able to upload images to Picapp for licensing, competing with agencies ?

On the other side, will big publisher be able to use this, instead of paying a flat fee per image, thus helping in the collapse of image pricing on the web ?

What about political ads. Do I really went to advertise a neo nazi on my website ? I didn’t see any control.

Overall, the idea is great, in so much as it introduces a new licensing model. Will it work ?

You can see the result below:

picApp_publisherId = 571;picApp_imageId = 690;picApp_imageWidth = 200;picApp_imageHeight = 300;picApp_configUrl = “http://pis.picapp.com/IamProd/FlashSite/GetConfig.aspx”;picApp_Picview=”http://pis.picapp.com/IamProd/FlashSite/en/picviewerv1_1.swf”;picapp_numberOfLine=2;ImageServe();JavaScript is not enabled or supported on your browser



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